(And THANKS to Blu for being there to take these awesome pictures!)

Simon says, "Put your arms out like an airplane!"

Morning meet & greet.

Our first volunteer training day was a GREAT success! We had an exceptional group of new friends come together to donate their time and energy, learning about what goes on around here. A picture is worth a thousand words, so, rather than reading about Volunteer day, look through our photo gallery and see the fun everyone had...

and maybe you'll be part of it next time!

Head Instructor Kathy Scroggins makes sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to do.

Switching places to give everyone a turn to ride.

In a horse stall with Janice, Kory & Grace

Stephanie & Peyton help keep Tim secure on Ben.

Our 1st Volunteer Class!

​Grace, Shana, Janice, Peyton, Stephanie, Tim, Hannah, Kory, Nancy, Emily, & Kayla...and Kathy (as a cone-head.)

Learning to mount a rider on Tiffany.

Blu & Nancy (from Sunset TRC) came to help out for the day.

Leading & side-walking practice on Red.

Group lesson practice

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2015 Ken Lance rodeo queen, Kayla Newberry, poses with Emily (on Tiffany) & Hannah.

Instruction on Proper Helmet placement.