When "L" was four years old, she was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, conversion disorder, PTSD, and Trichotillamania. She was very clingy and would cry when being dropped-off at school as recently as this past year. "L" also had no eyelashes or eyebrows due to her pulling them out to cope with her feelings. 

Then I heard about the Leap O' Faith program in Ada for kids with disabilities that used horses to help them cope with their disabilities. This program, and Kathy in particular, have been such a blessing for "L". She is off her medications, her eyelashes are growing back, and best of all, she smiles all the time now!

Leap O' Faith and Kathy have done what other therapies have not and given "L" her life back.


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Volunteers give their time, energy and support to those in need. The compensation they receive is not monetary but instead are life-long memories filled with the thrills of accomplishment and the outpouring of love from the clients they serve. As part of the Leap O' Faith team, they serve with heart and receive to their heart. If you are looking for a life changing experience...volunteer!

No horse experience is necessary (but very welcome!). You will be mentored by experienced volunteers and get a real taste of what Laep O' Faith TRC is all about. We will teach you to be a volunteer in adherence with PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) standards. We have monthly Volunteer training classes on the third Saturday of each month. It's a great way to learn the ropes of what it takes to be a Leap O' Faith volunteer.

Please, follow your impulse and let us know of your interest

to volunteer by sending an RSVP to vol-cord@leapofaithtrc.org.

Next, click on the  above link to download the "Volunteer Paperwork." Print it out, fill in all the required fields, & bring

the completed packet with you on training day.

Volunteer Training Classes on request


You are The Difference!

To show our appreciation for attending the training session, coffee and donuts will be provided in the morning. Please bring a sack lunch, though. Water and tea will be available at all times.

Also, anytime you plan on being around the horses and in the arena, it's important to dress appropriately. Please wear long pants and closed toed shoes (no sandals or flip flops.) ​

We are currently in need of volunteers in the following areas:

Trained Volunteers
Trained Volunteers work directly with the Instructors or Therapists as side-walkers and horse-handlers, providing assistance before and during lessons. As this work is critical during our clients scheduled therapy session, you must be able to commit to the same day and time each week. This is a fantastic opportunity to work outside with our special clients and the horses. You will also have the opportunity to care for the horses outside of lessons,

Office Volunteers
Office volunteers do not work directly with the clients but are equally important to the success of the program. Their tasks include helping with mailings, data entry, filing, and working on the telephone. For the sake of continuity we request those wanting to volunteer in the office commit to a minimum of 3 hours a week for a full session.

Fundraising Volunteers
The work of the Fundraising Volunteers is to help plan and work at the special events that happen throughout the year. These events help to introduce the Leap O' Faith TRC to the community. These volunteers have the opportunity to reach out to many individuals with thank you calls, on-site tours and by participating on various committees.

Please support them with your business.

Thank you to Our Sponsors!


I have known "J" since his birth. He is a very bright child with a severe speech and language barrier that prevents him from communicating with others. He has apraxia. I consulted with his speech language pathologist (SLP) to continue the same type of program that she had been using.  "J’s" SLP gave her blessing. I talked with "J’s" family and we began riding lessons in June of 2016. "J" was saying limited single words and for the most part not understood by family or friends. However, by October of 2016, "J" has advanced to saying three word sentences with meaning.   

I have been a speech language therapist for 36 years in the Ada public schools. I began volunteering at Leap O Faith because I grew up with horses and wanted to combine my love of teaching speech and riding. I have worked for years the traditional way with other children before seeing these same type of results that "J" is having in so short a time. He will ride for an hour, totally engaged in the lesson. He has gone from not saying anything, to signing, to now saying, “Walk on” in only 5 months! When I heard him say, “Walk on” for the first time I wanted to dance, cry, and leap for joy all at the same time. Lately, he has advanced to saying, “Me ride Red” (one of the therapy horses) or “My Ted” (one of the volunteers.) I believe it is the action of riding or the natural crisscross pattern of the horse’s steps they helped "J's" motor planning with his apraxia. While he is riding, he is bombarded with a phonetic sound that his SLP has assigned for the week. I know each individual is different but "J's" progress is truly a miracle!

Harriet Weber
Speech Language Therapist